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Mediation Training

We offer both open workshops for anyone with an interest
in Mediation can attend or tailor in-house
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Smile Mediation

COVID-19 Update: Smile Mediation remains open for business and in order to comply with Government instructions we are working remotely. We are able to receive referrals for mediation by email, website and telephone and we are contacting customers by telephone and video conferencing.
We are aware that some people are reporting an increase in noise nuisance as a direct result of all of us being confined to our homes for much longer periods. Smile can support you positively with coping strategies and techniques to manage potential conflict.  
In addition, we are offering a ‘Listening’ service for anyone feeling vulnerable and isolated due to the current situation. This is ‘free’ to anyone that has previously accessed Smile’s services. If you would like more information, please call or email and we will get back to you.
Karen Ainsworth
Chief Executive

Smile Mediation is a social enterprise which provides specialist training, coaching and mediation services across the North West. Communication has been our business for over 20 years; anything from difficult conversations, negotiation and managing performance in the workplace to providing leaders with the skills they need to get the best out of their people.

Mediation Training – Housing Officer

Excellent work! I didn’t think you would make it happen.

Neighbour Dispute

We wish we had done it five years ago! It would have saved us a lot of money.

Neighbour Dispute

I didn’t think mediation would work at first, but by being given the time to explain and being listened to, rather than being rushed, I felt a lot more focused.

Family Mediation Support

Our Family Programme helps families with communication difficulties to find ways to improve the situation at home. Our family mediators are experienced in working with families to help them develop coping strategies when things go wrong. We also provide you with the tools to help you have those difficult conversations with your partner, ex partner and other members of the family.

Latest News and Training

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Smile Mediation is a volunteer led organisation helping people to talk to each other to resolve disputes between neighbours, communities and families. We wouldn’t be able to do this without...

Free Taster Workshop

To share the good work that we do, Smile is offering free taster workshops for social housing employees to put mediation firmly back on the agenda. With the Green Paper: New Deal...