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Smile is an approved CPD Training Organisation. We have packages available ranging from one day with progression to a two or three day skills-based programme. It’s all about communication through clear, constructive conversation and negotiation.

We recognise that training is a significant investment for any business; therefore our promise to you is that both the business and the individual will benefit through implementing strategies to enhance and improve performance across the workplace. These are some of the outcomes you can expect to see:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover

Who should attend:

  • Newly appointed Managers – recognising the challenge of managing your previous friends/peers
  • Managers responsible for managing performance – making the one to one conversation count
  • Leaders responsible for implementing structural changes
  • Sales Managers and their team – managing for increased sales/performance



Day one package

Day one is about improved communication skills using strategies and techniques ‘borrowed’ from mediation. This is a stand-alone package and is suitable for Managers and their team members.

  • Active listening as a core communication skill and developing active listening strategies.
  • Effective communication by learning how to identify and work with what really matters to people.
  • Developing questioning skills to identify different perspectives and understand each person’s perspective.
  • Developing effective speaking skills to get our point of view across.

“One of the best training courses I have attended! It was a fun and engaging day that has given me a new found confidence and the skills to manage real life difficult conversations both at work and at home through a range of simple techniques. The course has left me wanting to learn even more and I can’t wait for the follow on training sessions. This is an important and valuable learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone working with the public. Thank you Smile Mediation!”  Katie Nolan – Building Bridges


Day two package

Day two builds on the skills and techniques developed from day one and is an excellent way of embedding the knowledge and skills across teams. By investing in this package you are starting to bring about sustainable change in the way you do business with people. The focus for day two is increased self-awareness to improve your effectiveness in managing others.

  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict and the opportunities it provides.
  • Self-awareness and effective self-management at work using the ‘Friendly Style Profile’ individual profiling tool.
  • Understanding and working with our triggers.
  • An opportunity to practice the skills using realistic scenarios.


Day three package

This pulls together the skills and knowledge from day one and day two and provides an opportunity to apply them in group settings. How many times have you attended a poorly chaired meeting with no clear actions about the next steps. Day three will provide you with the skills and techniques to facilitate a wide range of group interactions, from regular and routine meetings to negotiating and getting your ideas heard in challenging situations.

“The training was excellent.  It had the right balance between information and skills training.  I appreciated the positive approach to learning”

“It was clear, concise and relevant.  Delivered in an extremely professional manner”


Accredited Mediation Skills Training

Do you want to learn new skills, gain a new qualification and make a difference in your community and workplace? This course will help you realise your potential as a professional mediator.

Smile’s accredited course is suitable for people that want to develop and learn new skills and organisations that want to deliver an in house mediation service. You will learn how to deliver the mediation process and enable those experiencing conflict to find the right solution for them.

How will this training benefit me?

  • Gain the confidence and competency for powerful conflict resolution
  • Improved communication, productivity and inter-departmental alignment at work
  • A greater understanding of conflict behaviour and management
  • Sorting situations sooner, reducing stress and distraction
  • Reduce the need for expensive and timely enforcement and legal action
  • Use individual and organisational resources more efficiently


For more information please visit; http://www.smilemediation.co.uk/training/accredited-mediation-skills/



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