Family Mediation Services

Smile provides a wide range of mediation services. Our Family Relationships Mediation helps families with communication difficulties to find ways to improve the situation at home. Our family mediators are experienced in working with families to help them develop coping strategies when things go wrong. We also provide you with the tools to help you have those difficult conversations with your partner, ex partner or other members of the family.

Our Family Relationships Mediation differs from legal family mediation as it’s less expensive and we focus on what’s important for you and other members of the family and help you develop ways of communicating more effectively.

Family Case Study

We were asked to work with a family where there was a communication breakdown between mother and daughter. Mum engaged well with our mediators on the first visit but unfortunately daughter didn’t want to talk to us at first.

Our family mediation process was used alongside conflict coaching with a view to understanding the strong emotions that had underpinned this breakdown in communication. It was important that we recognised the impact that these feelings were having and used them as a focal point to remove the barriers to effective and successful relationship maintenance. Over the course of the programme mother and daughter both learned how to engage in productive conversation with one another and developed a variety of strategies and skills to deal with any future conflict or disagreement.

The family reported that the biggest improvement for each of them was that they had learned to trust each other again and the positive difference in their overall health, wellbeing and happiness was evident. Their relationship has significantly improved and we are confident that they are now well equipped to have those difficult conversations and deal with conflict appropriately.