Peer Mediation Training

We are very proud of our Peer Mediation Pilot with Cherry Fold School.  All the children commented that they had learned something new, including listening skills, how to use the mediation process and also that it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong. Conflict was a new word for some of the children and they enjoyed taking part in the exercises and learning about Peer Mediation.

We received very positive feedback from the teachers and children at the school.   The sessions were fun and there was plenty of open communication, idea sharing and self-reflection. One of the children individual specifically enjoyed their new ability to identify different sources of conflict and look at strategies for effectively dealing with this.

The teachers who took part in the training were hopeful that this would have a positive impact on the children, with many feeling that they would be better equipped to deal with conflict in a constructive manner. The consensus is that this should reduce the amount of physical escalation, improve the children’s independence and confidence and provide a better awareness of conflict in general.

“Yes I loved it because I learned about the conflict spiral, disagreement leading to dispute and blaming leading to strong feelings”

“I gained a lot.  I learned how to be a peer mediator and how to stop my anger”