About Smile Mediation Services

Smile Mediation is a social enterprise which provides specialist training, coaching and mediation services across the North West. Communication has been our business for over 20 years; anything from difficult conversations, negotiation and managing performance in the workplace to providing leaders with the skills they need to get the best out of their people.

The company was established following a Government initiative researching conflict in neighbourhoods and communities. Our approach is to bring about transformation through conversation and negotiation using a structured process and at the same time up-skilling individuals to embed new skills more widely.

Smile Mediation has an excellent reputation for high quality services offering a range of packages to enable as many people as possible to ‘borrow’ techniques and strategies employed by a mediator.

Our Trustees

  • Chair of Trustees – Professor Paul Iganski
  • Vice Chair of Trustees – Peter Kenyon
  • Company Secretary – Karen Ainsworth
  • Trustee – Catherine Dobson
  • Trustee – Carol Pike

Smile Mediation Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee Reg. No 03672399. It gained charitable status on 27 May 2002 [Reg. Charity No 1092212].