Peer Mediation Training

We are very proud of our Peer Mediation Pilot with Cherry Fold School and now we are proud to announce we have won the Young Mediator of the Year 2020 award.

Over the last three years 30 children aged nine and ten, along with 20 teaching staff at Cherry Fold Primary School in Burnley, have been trained in essential conflict resolution and communication skills, with workshops designed by Smile Mediation to help them understand the nature of conflict and the importance of listening to others.

This has been such a successful and rewarding programme and has contributed towards playground arguments decreasing and a rise in pupil achievements. The head of the school says: “It’s made a difference; we’re seeing the skills in the classroom a lot more. The children who have those skills are using them and managing themselves better. New arrivals stand out as they often don’t know how to resolve in the same way as the Cherry Folders who have had this new approach embedded.”

The children commented that they had learned something new, including listening skills, how to use the mediation process and also that it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong. Conflict was a new word for some of the children and they enjoyed taking part in the exercises and learning about Peer Mediation.

Previously the impact of playground arguments had been a cause of concern with some members of staff having to spend up to 15 minutes per day settling disputes between children.

However, the children have flourished thanks to the programme taking pride in their achievements and passing on their newfound skills to friends and family members.

Young Mediator of the Year NMA 2020 Award

“Yes I loved it because I learned about the conflict spiral, disagreement leading to dispute and blaming leading to strong feelings”

“I gained a lot.  I learned how to be a peer mediator and how to stop my anger”